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We Need Your Vehicle!

Vehicle DonationsFirst Capital Enterprises, Inc. strives to provide a wide range of quality employment opportunities, vocational training, and employment related support services for adults with developmental disabilities. The proceeds from donations and programs such as the Vehicle Donation Program allow us to continuously support and improve our mission of providing these services.

What is the Vehicle Donation Program?

Our Vehicle Donation Program allows owners to donate their old or unused vehicles to First Capital Enterprises. After we receive the donated vehicle, we employ our clients to clean and prepare the vehicle for resale. Once First Capital Enterprises sells the vehicle, the owner receives a receipt establishing the donated vehicle's value. This receipt can be used as a charitable tax deduction.


  • Charitable Tax Deduction
  • Support local non-profit organization
  • Help local community members with developmental disabilities succeed

Accepted Vehicles:

First Capital Enterprises accepts any vehicle, in running condition or not, with a valid title - as long as the vehicle is worth more than the cost to pick it up. For your convenience, First Capital Enterprises will arrange for the pick-up of the donated vehicle.

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • RVs

Tax Information:

If you do not itemize deductions on your tax return or do not wish to claim a tax deduction there is no action required on your part after donating your vehicle.

If you intend to claim a tax deduction of more than $500, you will be limited to the sale price that First Capital Enterprises, Inc. receives for the vehicle. First Capital Enterprises, Inc. is required to notify the IRS of the sale price if it is over $500. We will also notify you, the donor, of the sale amount.

Questions regarding a tax benefit should be directed to a tax professional, the IRS website (, or by calling 1-800-829-1040.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the vehicle donation program work?
A. Any vehicle donated to First Capital Enterprises will be sold at auction and 100% of the proceeds will fund our programs for the developmentally disabled. You will receive a tax deduction and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone in need.

Q. Where does the money go?
A. Proceeds from donations are used to accomplish First Capital Enterprises' mission of providing employment opportunities, training, and support services to our clients.

Q. What is the tax benefit of donating a car?
A. The tax benefit depends on the value of the car. If the value of the vehicle is less than $500, you can deduct it without further proof of value. If the value is $500 or more, you must use your receipt from charity to establish the vehicle's value and the amount of your donation.

Q. What must First Capital Enterprises do in acknowledgement of my contribution?
A. First Capital Enterprises must provide you with a receipt indicating they have received your vehicle. We are also required to send you a receipt showing how much money they received when the vehicle was sold. The amount your car sells for will be the amount you are able to deduct on your Federal tax returns.

Q. What types of vehicles can I donate?
A. You can donate any type of motor vehicle that is normally titled. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

Q. Does the vehicle have to be in running condition?
A. No, it does not. We will accept any vehicle that is worth more than the cost to pick it up.

Q. What information do I need?
A. A valid title in your name.

Q. How do I get my vehicle to FCE?
A. We will arrange to pick it up at your convenience.

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